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Boost Your Critical Thinking
Boost your Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset through self-development activities focused on cultivating the positive attributes and skills. Mindset Boosters and Skill Builders feature reflective thinking exercises and specific actionable tips for building the targeted attributes. A positive thinking mindset motivates successful people to apply their knowledge and engage their critical thinking skills so they can achieve their goals.
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Earn Continuing Education Units
Earn CEUs through offerings designed for professionals seeking to build their reasoning skills, fortify their own thinking mindset, and to better understand how human beings think and make decisions.
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Dive into Short Courses
Explore 60-minute short courses that focus on a specific aspect of human problem-solving and decision-making. Each Deep Dive includes real-world examples, detailed clarifications of key concepts, Q&A to reinforce central ideas, and reflective exercises to deepen understanding of the specific skill or attribute and how you use it in your own life and work.
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Strengthen your critical thinking in as little as one hour

Gain reasoning skills and habits of mind that will last you a lifetime with short courses, quizzes, and surveys designed by experts in critical thinking success.

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a hand holding a pawn in the game of chess

Critical Thinking Strategies – A Reasoning Skills Quiz

Find out how strong your critical thinking skills are. This 40-minute quiz targets the skills people need for rational problem-solving and decision-making: Overall reasoning skills, reasoning in precise and ambiguous contexts, analytical and interpretive reasoning, evaluative and explanatory reasoning, and numerical quantitative reasoning. No prior content knowledge is required.

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The top of a person's head with hand-drawn graphics above to depict thoughts on foresight.

Inventive Foresight

A 2-Hour interactive course offers specific strategies for cultivating habits of mind that lead to inventive, foresightful, and organized thinking. Using reflective exercises, realistic examples, questions, and debriefs, this Mindset Booster explores the how to become more future-focused and innovative in finding solutions to whatever problems you foresee yourself encountering.


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A female firefighter

Reasoning in Ambiguous Contexts Level 1: Best Explanation

This 2-hour interactive Skill Builder will exercise and strengthen your critical thinking skills of Explanation, Inference, and Evaluation in ambiguous contexts. Enhance and engage the power of your inductive, probabilistic reasoning to achieve the twin purposes of strong critical thinking: deciding what to believe and what to do.

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A man stretching whilst on an outdoor exercise

Thoughtful Resilience

A 2-Hour interactive Mindset Booster on how to adapt and actively cope when stressed by life’s limitations. Learn multiple strategies for building resilience and making effective judgments. Using reflective exercises, realistic examples, questions and debriefs, focus on adaptability, maturity of judgment, and how these boost resilience and confident decision-making.

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60-Minute Short Courses

The galaxy

Bottom-Up Experiential Reasoning

Bottom-Up experiential reasoning is the best process yet invented for determining what to believe about all natural phenomena, including ourselves. This 60-minute Deep-Dive short interactive course examines our natural way of understanding and adapting by using experience to build our personal and scientific knowledge of the world.

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Two apples in the shape of heads with mold growing on them.

Top-Down Axiomatic Reasoning

Top-Down axiomatic reasoning begins our basic principles and values to shape our choices and opinions. This 60-minute Deep Dive short interactive course examines our reliance on the authority of deeply held convictions. Top-Down reasoning gives purpose to billions, but, as history shows, there are grave risks associated with axiomatic thinking.

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A father and son in a kayak

This-Is-Like-That Comparative Reasoning

Like sharp kitchen knives, comparative reasoning is extremely useful, yet potentially risky. This 60-minute Deep Dive short interactive course examines our natural human way of using comparative reasoning to generate new, interesting, creative ideas. And, as a tool for trying to understand things that are less familiar.

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An image of a wire-framed brain with different spots lit up to depict brain activity.

Optimize Decision-Making Part 1 – Reactive and Reflective Thinking

This 60-minute interactive Deep Dive course examines the realities of human decision-making. Our reactive and reflective thinking processes impact all our choices. Our decisions are influenced by the thinking shortcuts (heuristics) evolution scripted in us. Part 1 begins the countdown of the Top-12 heuristics, their advantages, risks, and strategies for optimization.

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CEU Course Packs

The image shows an array of hexagons with different images inside the shapes. Hands stacked in a team hand-stack. Two silhouettes of men shaking hands in front of a cityscape. Multiple images of people's hands checking graphics and reports.

How to Analyze and Interpret Verbal and Numerical Communications (.5 CEU)

5-Hour (.5 CEU) interactive professional development course. Learn how to evaluate the credibility of sources and how to analyze and interpret verbal and numerical communication more effectively. Build your analytical, interpretive, evaluative, and quantitative reasoning. Learn how “This-Is-Like-That” analogies, metaphors, and associational comparisons inform, influence, and potentially mislead professional communication.

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People crossing the street at a busy intersection in Hong Kong.

How to Reason Well in Ambiguous Contexts (.5 CEU)

5-Hour (.5 CEU) interactive professional development course. Strengthen your ability to reason well in contexts of uncertainty and risk. Build your core critical thinking skills of inference, evaluation, and explanation. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of experiential “Bottom-Up” thinking, our best method for explaining what all natural events and phenomena.

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Aerial photography of land.

How to Understand Human Thinking and Optimize Decision-Making (.5 CEU)

5-Hour (.5 CEU) interactive professional development course. Learn strategies for making optimal choices when your natural human (1) reactive and reflective decision systems conflict, (2) heuristic cognitive shortcuts mislead, and (3) tendency to lock-in a choice will result in errors. Explore all three natural modes of human reasoning: comparative, axiomatic, and experiential.

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Image shows the word "Reason" in all capital blue letters. "Reason" is surrounded by icons: a gear, a phone, a gift, a spyglass, a chart, a pencil, and a ruler. X's, O's, "+" signs, dots, and diamonds decoratively surround the word "Reason". The background of an image shows a hand using a calculator to compute.

How to Reason Well in Precise Contexts (.5 CEU)

5-Hour (.5 CEU) interactive professional development course. Harness the power of precise, logical reasoning and strengthen your critical thinking skills of inference and evaluation in context demanding precision in deciding the implications of policies, regulations, contracts, specifications, and performance standards. Discover the force and the limitations of “Top-Down” axiomatic reasoning.

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Insight Assessment provides critical thinking testing, training, and development worldwide. Since 1986, we have assisted thousands of organizations and millions of individuals to gain the many operational, academic, lifelong learning, civil, and fiscal benefits that are the natural outcomes of a strong critical thinking skillset and mindset

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